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SITECORD (PTY) LTD was founded in June 2018 by two young and talented web designers. Our mission is to help small and upstarting businesses to grow, without having to spend thousands.

“We all have to start from the bottom. When you start at the top, it means you are climbing down”

In the old days, we used to call whoever we need. But now, what is a business without emails? Web Hosting and Web Design plays a big role in a business. You need to be online at all times for your business to function. Our servers are hosted in state of the art data centers, so that your business can flow without downtime.

It might be the start of our journey, but we would love to be part of yours!

What We Do

Cheapest Domain Registrations in South Africa.

Our Crazy Skills

Domains 80%
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Hosting 75%
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Web Design 90%
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Support 95%
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Awesomeness 100%
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